Detroit Police Gear is a division of Marvelous Promotions. Marvelous Promotions, Inc. was founded by Marvin & Louise. Marvin (aka “Marvelous Marv”) is a retired Detroit Police Officer. He finished his line of duty working at the Tactical Services Section (TSS) of the department. He also worked at the 7th Precinct before that. Louise is a retired Detroit Public School teacher.

          On June 25, 1995, an idea began to come alive. Marvelous Promotions’ name was filed with the state and a tax number issued. Marvin and Louise made the name Marvelous Promotions become part of their history and their legacy. The “office”, which was their daughter’s former bedroom, was run by Louise. Marv’s time was spent selling police t-shirts out of the trunk of our Chevy Lumina. He started with the people and connections he knew best, his Detroit Police contacts. Eventually, he expanded to driving a mobile truck to all the police precincts and divisions. After many successful years hustling and selling Detroit Police goods, the truck was sold and Marvin was able to slow down a bit.

When we moved to our new home embroidery machines and employees were added. In 2003, as business continued to grow, more machines and more employees were needed. Marvelous Promotions moved again to a 3,000 sq. ft. industrial building on Groesbeck in Fraser and then finally to our current location, 33272 Groesbeck Hwy.

          Marvin is now fully retired from the business, although you may see him from time to time working on little projects at the shop or relaxing at his desk, still happy to be at the business and enjoy its continued success. Marvin & Louise still like to be a part of the company and work with their family and employees. Marvin is active in a golf league with other retired officers and will attend RDPFFA (Retired Detroit Police & Firefighter Association) meetings whenever he can.

         Our daughters, Veronica and Nicole, have taken charge of the day to day operations of the business. The company has been blessed with loyal employees, many of them family and personal friends. We are always complimented by the referrals from our customers that have helped to grow our business to what it is today. We LOVE Referrals and we LOVE our Detroit Police Gear customers!

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